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Finch Wine Club

Finch Wine Club

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You asked and we answered! We are launching our first ever wine club subscription! 

How it works!

Each month our sommelier will search the market for hidden gems and hand select stunning wines flying under the radar for you. Most wines will be red (at least one a month)! This is an amazing way to enjoy outstanding, new wine without having to do any of the hard work; we do all of that for you!

More About the Club!

Some months you will receive a single bottle of a higher end wine, while other months you might receive two to four bottles of unbelievable value wines! The wine will come with detailed tasting notes, food pairings, and additional information about the producer, the region, and the style of the wine. The wines will be available on the first Tuesday of the month. All wine club subscriptions must be pick up by the end of that month. 

*All wine club purchases will be fulfilled in the first week of the following month. 

*Billing will occur at the end of each month. You can change your subscription preferences at any time!

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