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Ridge Est Chardonnay (Monte Bello Vyd/S.Cruz) 21

Ridge Est Chardonnay (Monte Bello Vyd/S.Cruz) 21

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Ridge produced its first chardonnay in 1962 from fully-mature vines planted in the late 1940s on the Monte Bello estate vineyard. Production never exceeded ten barrels, and Monte Bello chardonnay was sold principally at the winery. Several great vintages, among them the 1973, 74, 79, and 84, showed that our cool climate and fractured limestone sub-soils were well suited to the varietal. By 1985, the old vines were producing less then a half-ton per acre and were taken out. The younger vines, planted in the 70s, provide the majority of grapes today. Initially these newer plantings were on the lower vineyardnot yet farmed as part of the Monte Bello estateso the wine was called Santa Cruz Mountains and these vines have long since been included. Since 2009 the wine has been designated Ridge Estate Chardonnay. In years when differences among lots are sufficient to warrant a separate bottling, we make a limited amount of Monte Bello Chardonnay as well.

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