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Paitin Barbaresco Sori Paitin 19

Paitin Barbaresco Sori Paitin 19

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While the vineyards within the village of Barbaresco itself are often the first ones that wine enthusiasts get to know, arguably the greatest Barbaresco cru is actually in Neive. That is the famed Santo Stefano di Neive by Bruno Giacosa located within the Albesani cru. The other famed cru of Neive is Serraboella, the jewel of which is the Sori Paitin cru. Neive Barbareschi are typically more powerful than those of the other villages of Barbaesco. In fact, Luca Pasquero-Elia from Paitin describes the Serraboella & Sori Paitin wines as being very similar to the wines of the Montestefano cru in Barbaresco a cru known for being among the most Barolo-like. .

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