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Andre Clouet Champagne "Chalky" Nv

Andre Clouet Champagne "Chalky" Nv

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What does 200 million years of manifest minerality taste like?
Jean-Francois Clouet put the answer in this bottle. A completely
new wine in Clouet’s portfolio, bottled in a special white-coated
bottle with a matching box in a chalk cliff design. One third of
the Chardonnay grapes grow on the southern slopes of the
Montagne de Reims and two thirds on the Côte de Blancs. The
base wines of the first wine, which is labeled without a vintage,
come from the late-ripening, almost brutally brilliant year 2013
and are aged on the yeast for 7 years in the bottle. Then freshly
disgorged in spring 2021 with only 6 grams of sweetness. The
Chalky will therefore not be at its best until winter 2021 at
the earliest (preferably 5 years later). As the name suggests,
Chalky tastes like the salty-chalky purism of the chalk soils of
Champagne, but it wouldn’t be a Clouet if it didn’t also exude
a wonderful, melting charm and seductive appeal. 200 million
years of minerality poured into the bottle as liquid chalk, what a
smooth, delicious mineral hammer!

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