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2020 Mer Soleil Santa Lucia Highlands Reserve Chardonnay

2020 Mer Soleil Santa Lucia Highlands Reserve Chardonnay

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A soft golden color, this wine features bright scents of lemon crumb bars and honeydew, with a hint of apricot, toasted oak, and the evocative trace of a freshly struck match. Entry on the palate is round and robust, lending a richness to the fruit. At the same time, a zing of acidity hints the sides of the tongue, maintaining the liveliness of citrus and melon. This dance of vibrancy and intensity carries over to the finish, as honeydew and apricot trail off in silky smoothness. Taking its name from the sea and sun, the two forces of nature that shape its exotic character, this wine is as dramatic as the place where it is sourced. With morning fog, bright sunshine, and gusting winds, the Santa Lucia Highlands (40 minutes south from Monterey, California) has an extended growing season. Grapes stay on the vine longer, leading to the development of intense aromas such as custard and toasted almonds, rich fruit flavors, and enlivening lemon/lime.

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