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Cherries And Rainbows Sans Soufre (Gsm) 21

Cherries And Rainbows Sans Soufre (Gsm) 21

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Organic and with no sulfur added, Cherries & Rainbows red celebrates the best nature has to offer. Unconventional and lighthearted, Cherries & Rainbows hails from Minervois, France. Its made with zero added sulfur (sans soufre in French) in an eco-friendly winery. Cherries & Rainbows is ideal for the modern wine drinker in search of sustainably farmed, small lot options. It's a bottle that celebrates the natural wine movement, bringing this fresh, bright, and chillable red to adventurous drinkers. Emphasizing investment in high-quality raw materials and employing minimal intervention in the vineyard and cellar, Cherries & Rainbows embodies Wincs winemaking philosophy. The grapes are farmed organically and biodynamically, grown on clay and limestone soil, and aged in stainless steel and concrete. The ripeness and inherent nature of each grape comes through in the final product, with the Merlot showing dark, round fruit and the Syrah contributing spice and earth. If youre interested in jumping in on the burgeoning natural wine movement, Cherries & Rainbows is the perfect place to start.

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