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A Journey to Better Understand Wine

A Journey to Better Understand Wine

Starting from the Beginning... Part 1

I invite you to join me on an adventure. Follow me, as we start from the beginning, in an attempt to simplify and understand the vast, yet, beautiful world of wine. Wine may come across as intimidating and confusing initially; however, when taking it one step at a time it becomes intriguing, understandable, and most importantly a lot of fun. It is capable of taking you on a journey. One which is meant to be enjoyed, shared, and can last a lifetime. It has taken me on an incredible journey, and now I hope to continue it by sharing the things I have learned with you.

In order to understand more about wine, it is important to know where it all begins. The vineyard, depicted frequently as a beautiful and picturesque landscape, is where we must go first. In order to understand the many factors that ultimately result in different flavors and characteristics in our wine we must learn about viticulture and what all that entails. Viticulture is the art, and science, of growing grape vines. It is the single most important concept in wine. For example, viticulture is significantly responsible for why Pinot Noir grown in Burgundy, France tastes differently from Pinot Noir grown in Sonoma, California. There are many factors to consider within viticulture that we will discuss later, but, for now, welcome and enjoy the journey!


-Nate Dauphin